Welcome to KP Wire

The Kidney Puncher Wire brand is known all over the world as the highest quality resistance wire on the market. KPWire.com is the new home for your favorite resistance wire, KidneyPuncher.com will no longer sell Kidney Puncher resistance wire. 

There are many reasons for the creation of KPWire.com, the most pressing reason was due to the shipping restrictions in place on KidneyPuncher.com. Recent law changes has made the shipping of certain products a very rigorous and time consuming process. This has led us to restrict shipping to many states in the past. Resistance wire has uses in many industries, and is not a shipping restricted product. We launched KPWire.com so that we can service all of our great customers all over the world without any restrictions. 

KPWire.com is new and is still undergoing some changes, please let us know if you encounter any issues. 

Since this site is separate from KidneyPuncher.com, you will have to create an account on KPWire.com

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